About Us

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ManageMyDigital.ie – Part of Humdinger Digital

ManageMyDigital.ie is a digital marketing service provided by Humdinger Digital. Humdinger Digital provides website and app development services as well as other digital marketing services. With such a broad skill base our team has the ability to provide the ideal fit for our client needs.

More details @ https://www.humdinger.ie/

The Team

ManageMyDigital.ie is lead by Terence O’Toole – former Head of Digital Markeitng at a leading Hospitality Digital Agency in Ireland and the UK. Our team excel at finding solutions and getting the job done. We’re located in one of Galway’s most exciting technological hubs – the Galway Technology Centre.

Our Service

Our services is a monthly subscription service with no minimum contract so we start to make a return for your straight away. The services works in some or all of the following ways for our clients

  • Boosting Leads & Sales
  • Keeping Their Digital Up-to-date
  • Make & Implement A Plan
  • Unlocking Digital Opportunities
  • Track Digital Performance and
  • Provide On-going Digital Support